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BREAKING NEWS: EDSC (Service Canada) confirmed that for Travel Agents earning commission, the income is considered when it is earned, not received. So, if a Travel Agent received money for work done prior to March 15th, it is not considered income in the $1000 maximum they can receive in addition to CERB.

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ACTA is celebrating Travel Agent Day beginning May 6, and continuing through the month of May to "thank” travel agents for all the hours of work and determination that they put in to caring for the traveling public.

ACTA is asking members and industry allies to use Travel Agent Day to have some fun while building awareness and to educate the traveling public, policymakers and the media on the value that Travel Agents contribute to the travel ecosystem.

Celebrate your day!

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ACTA Covid-19 Advocacy Recovery Fund
Significant lobbying will need to continue in the coming months while we work through the COVID-19 crisis to ensure Travel Agencies, their employees, and independent contractors are a priority.

Help ACTA help you and donate to ACTA’s Advocacy Fund today!

NEW LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN - April 23We are launching a new letter writing campaign that once again addresses, our “ask” of government for specific aid for the travel agency sector. The letter is now available and Step by step instructions have been provided to guide you through this important initiative.

We want to ensure that travel agents and agencies are included in our own sector specific aid or the broader Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries—including airlines, destinations, hotels, attractions, and restaurants. Read the full advisory

Thank you to ACTA's Corporate Partners
for all of their support!

ACTA’s mission is to foster the success and prosperity of our travel agency members. Our most supportive partners, ACTA Corporate Partners, invest their time and resources in order to support ACTA’s vision of a healthy and vibrant retail travel industry where the Travel Agent is recognized as an expert resource. Proud Partners understand that Travel Agents are essential to their success.